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3 Things Zillow Doesn't Tell You...

Do you spend time browsing Zillow to find homes?

Here are a few things Zillow doesn't tell you.

  1. Sale Price

Sale price is different than list price. Sale price is what the home actually sold for. It is important to know the price that the home sold for, to manage expectations for other homes in the area.

2. How many offers are on the home

Of the reasons you should be represented by an agent, this is at the top of the list. Right below "So you don't get sued". If you're thinking of putting an offer on a home, you need an agent to speak with the seller's agent regarding where they are at with offers. So that you know what it will take to win!

3. Seller's Disclosures

Before putting in an offer, I encourage all of my clients to read the Seller's disclosures. Zillow does not display these, you will need an agent to obtain them. Seller's disclosures disclose important information about the home. They also disclose KNOWN issues.

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